Vertical Communications, Inc. is at the forefront of telecommunications technology, providing total communications solutions for businesses across the globe, including the DX-120 telephone system.

Key Features of The DX-120

The DX-120 Vertical telephone system provides big business quality without the cost, intricacy or management of a larger phone system in one scalable package. With this system, developing your communications along with your growing business is stress-free and affordable.

  • Built-in Caller ID: The user can easily view the caller’s name and identity clearly on Caller ID-capable and digital analog telephone sets regardless of extension type.
  • Door/Gate Controller Interface: With the push of a button, this system may be set up to open a door/gate or ring a loud bell.
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID): This phone system supports up to 100 DID for direct caller access to personnel, directions or hours greetings. There is also access to mailboxes, departments and fax using T1 or ISDN PRI trunking for streamlining incoming calls.
  • Public Address Interface: A solution for your paging and warehouse needs, this system may be connected to a horn or to speakers for easy communication among personnel.
  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR): With this feature, data from incoming and outgoing CO calls may be reviewed. It’s connected to a printer or serial interface for record-keeping purposes and more.

Benefits of the DX-120

An ideal system for small to medium-sized businesses, the DX-120 phone system has a variety of office benefits, including:

  • Affordable Adaptability: With the DX-120 phone system, modem options allow for remote access and configuration of your system parameters. This enables your telecommunications system to grow at the same pace as your business.
  • Big Features in a Small Package: This system provides nearly 200 easy-to-use features that were originally only available on more high-end systems in a reasonable cost package.
  • Support Options: DX-120 offers support for both T1/ISDN-PRI and analog trunking. It also offers conferencing, voicemail and auto-attendant options to fulfill all of your business needs.

Comprehensive Provider of the DX-120 Vertical Telephone System

As complete office solutions and telecommunications specialists, Coast Electronics has experienced technicians to comprehensively design, install, program and maintain the DX-120 and other advanced phone systems. Coast is also an authorized reseller of DX-120 and other Vertical phone systems.

To get a quote, schedule an installation or receive more information on the DX-120 Vertical Telephone System, contact Coast Electronics or fill out our form today.