With over 10 years of experience in internet-based communications and decades more in traditional telecommunications, IPitomy provides outstanding communications solutions, developing the latest in user-friendly technology, including the innovative IPitomy Business Phone Systems.

Key Features of IPitomy Business Phone Systems

IPitomy Business Phone Systems offer key features that are specifically designed to work together for maximum productivity and convenience. These features include:

  • SIP account capability: This feature allows two to eight users with SIP system accounts to setup, managing and terminating communication sessions.
  • Headset modalities: An alternative to handset usage, IPitomy phone systems have standard headset, Bluetooth headset and wireless headset options for the convenience and comfort of the user.
  • Power over ethernet: With this feature, minimizing the amount of wires that make up the network may be reduced by supplying electricity to the phone system through the data cables as opposed to plugs. This allows for faster, more efficient installation and maintenance of the phone system.
  • Programmable keys and soft keys: Various individual keys may be programmed to the user’s preference. Some phone systems also offer soft keys, allowing for more than one function to be tied to a singular key and giving the user more versatility.

Benefits of IPitomy Business Phone Systems

Serving small- to mid-sized businesses, IPitomy Business Phone Systems have several major benefits for businesses including:

  • Designed for business: IPitmony phone systems are specifically designed for meeting the demanding needs of a business with a wide range of applications built in. In addition, the high definition audio allows for clear conversation.
  • Created with form and function in mind: No matter where your IPitomy phone may sit on your desk, you can be assured that all functions operate at maximum capacity with LCD for clear viewing of caller information and an adjustable stand for ideal comfort level. Some models also come with a wall mount feature for handiness.
  • Uncomplicated functionality: All IPitomy phone systems are designed with the user in mind, grouping together the most commonly used functions for easier learning and overall use of the system.
  • A Variety of advanced mobility options: No matter where you are or where you need to be, this phone system has the ability to move extensions with simple unplugging and re-plugging. It also has remote features and can include an IP phone extension with no VPN required.

Proper Installation of IPitomy Business Phone Systems

With so many features available, you need to be sure that your IPitomy phone system is properly installed. Coast Electronics has the latest in tools and techniques to get your phone system running at optimum capacity. Handled by highly skilled technicians, we guarantee quality service with minimal downtime for your business. In addition, Coast Electronics is also an authorized reseller of the best IPitomy products available on the market.

Contact Coast Electronics today for more information on IPitomy phone systems, to schedule an installation and programming or to get a free quote on IPitomy products, services and more.