First established in 1899 as Nippon Electric Company, Limited, NEC (renamed NEC Corporation in 1893) was Japan’s first joint venture with the United States. Since their establishment, the company has built an empire on providing innovative solutions for information and communications technology (ICT) for small- to mid-sized commercial businesses around the world.

Key Features of the NEC DSX-40 and DSX-80

Ideal systems for smaller businesses, the NEC DSX-40 and DSX-80 telephone systems are designed for user friendliness with easy navigable features and setup. In doing so, companies looking for an economical solution for their communication needs save time that would be spent on configuration, installation and employee training. Some of the key features include:

  • Built-in Caller ID: A feature inherent to all DSX systems, caller ID has the capability to log caller information for reference. It also has automatic return dial for convenience and the ability to check caller ID information associated with a particular line or extension. In addition, there are analog ports that allow for caller ID information to be sent to analog single line ports with customer-provided accessories.
  • DSX Phone Manager: This web-based tool enables users of the DSX telephone systems to customize the most frequently used system features for the needs of a growing business.
  • IntraMail/IntraMail Pro: This feature is a full-service voicemail attendant system that can be activated using a simple compact flash drive with DSX telephone systems. It can greet and transfer callers, and record voicemail messages. This system also has such capabilities as verbally providing caller information with a voicemail message, live call screening and conversation recording.
  • Wireless IP DECT: For optimal mobility by combining the latest advances in VoIP and DECT technology, DSX phones support up to 32 ML440 handsets per system. The ML440 is a wireless IP handset that works in conjunction with the AP20 Access Point for total coverage without interrupting the wireless network of the office.

Benefits of the NEC DSX-40 and DSX-80

The NEC DSX-40 AND DSX-80 phone systems ensure efficiency and profitability for your business with cutting-edge innovations. These aesthetically pleasing phone systems include benefits such as:

  • Affordable Adaptability: Created with the ability to evolve as the needs of businesses change, from the economical DSX-40 to the DSX-80 and beyond, all invested and stock features remain throughout the upgrading process. This allows for growth due to volume while avoiding the inconvenience and cost of upgrading to a new, separate communications system.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Through a DSX IP extension, employees may use their smartphones to keep in touch with associates. The IP extension connects automatically to Wi-Fi at the office and re-registers over the cellular network while traveling.
  • Full-featured VoIP: DSX is one of the leaders in offering economical SIP Trunking through over a dozen certified providers. It includes peer-to-peer connections as well as built-in NAT Traversal, which allot for easy set up of IP extensions remotely.

Complete Communications Solutions

Offering only the best in information and communication services as part of our complete office solutions for your business, Coast Electronics has a team of highly trained and skilled technicians for a quick and efficient installation of your NEC DSX-40 system or DSX-80 system. We can also update the DSX-40 to the DSX-80.

Additionally, we are always available for maintenance and are an authorized reseller of the NEC DSX-40 and DSX-80 telephone systems.

To get a quote, schedule an installation or receive more information on the NEC DSX-40 or DSX-80 telephone systems, contact Coast Electronics.