For over a decade, Vodavi has been a telecommunications leader for companies worldwide, addressing the growing challenges in today’s fast-moving world and providing advanced and user-friendly phone products for optimal business productivity with systems including Starplus STS.

Key Features of Vodavi Starplus STS

Vodavi Starplus STS phone systems have been successfully installed in 30,000 businesses throughout the United States, speaking to its performance, reliability and reputation. Some key features of this phone system include:

  • All call page: With numerous applications, it supports up to 20 internal page zones, making it useful for notifications across widespread areas.
  • Built-in caller ID: User may easily identify callers through name or phone number on a liquid screen display (LCD) and a record of calls (both answered and unanswered) is saved on the station or per system basis for quick, convenient reference.
  • Headset mode: A tool ideal for businesses with heavy phone usage, this feature also allots for hands-free communication. It gives the user an alternative to utilizing the handset.
  • Call forward: A fundamental tool for reducing the amount of missed calls, call forwarding allows the user to choose an alternative destination for the call. If there is no answer, the line is busy or the user is away, calls can be forwarded automatically.

Benefits of the Vodavi Starplus STS Phone System

A phone system designed for businesses of all sizes and capacities, the Vodavi Starplus STS phone system has several benefits for clients including:

  • Built to save you money: This system offers additional ways to eliminate expense from standard features such as built-in caller ID and a flexible cost-effective solution of tenant group capability as well as eradicating the need for a dedicated fax line.
  • Managing communications efficiently: Whether you’re a small call center or a department within a larger company, users have control over important call information and long distance phone usage, making this system an important management tool. Users also have bonus options such as recording conversations for liability purposes.
  • Versatility: With over a dozen features that provide an alternative to standard phone usage, Vodavi Starplus STS is the best in giving the user options that promote productivity through comfort and easy usage.
  • Convenience: This phone system offers features that make it easy for the user to conduct business during special circumstances. When the user is traveling, contacting others within a large facility and in need of remote access, communication is never compromised.

Maintenance And Installation

At Coast Electronics, we draw from our experience in handling complex phone systems in order to properly service your Vodavi Starplus STS phone system. Although the manufacturer has discontinued this product, we are still able to service the system. If you are looking for a new system, we are an authorized reseller of the NEC DSX-40 and NEC DSX-80 phone systems. These NEC systems possess similar features to the Vodavi Starplus STS phone system to fit the needs of your business.

Contact Coast Electronics today for more product information or to service your Vodavi Starplus STS phone system. In addition, you can also get a free quote on other phone system products.