McKesson Practice Choice is an innovative Web-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) solution. Inspired by small, independent medical offices that don’t have the advantages of an extensive IT staff, McKesson Practice Choice maintains records, protects cash flow and improves the quality of patient interactions.


Designed to suit the specific needs of small medical practices, McKesson Practice Choice helps expedite and alleviate the difficulties of daily record-maintenance and cash flow protection. McKesson tailored this Practice Choice EMR’s software design and screen layout to the different roles and tasks an independent medical office performs throughout the day.


The following are some of the key features McKesson Practice Choice offers:

  • ePrescribing: With electronic prescribing, Practice Choice EMR helps deliver better care to patients. Prescriptions now include drug and allergy alerts to ensure the patient’s safety. Also, lab results are now discreet so providers can produce time reports for their patients based on time-based reportable data that only the provider and patient have access. In addition, ePrescribing expedites referral processes for patients, sending timely information to referring providers the same day.
  • Patient Document Management: Rather than relying on paper charts, medical practices perform more efficiently with digital patient documentation. Not only do physicians have access to a more comprehensive patient record, the digital documentation is useful for research reports, statistics, drug recalls and patient marketing. With real-time information input, practices using an EMR have the advantage of complete and accurate chart-access.
  • Patient Portal: With a focus on patient activation and engagement, McKesson Practice Choice provides 24-hour protected access to personal health information. Patients can educate themselves and become an integral part of their personal health with access to an EMR Patient Portal.
  • Clinical and Business Reports: McKesson Practice Choice fully integrates your clinical and business workflows. Health records, scheduling and billing, claims processing, lab integration, e-prescribing and patient portal are fully integrated into one account, saving practices from the confusion of different accounts and systems.


Medical practices shouldn’t be disadvantaged due to their size. A study** recently released in a Web First article in Health Affairs suggests that smaller medical practices had 33 percent fewer preventable hospital permissions than larger practices. The benefits of a small, independent practice are numerous, and, with an efficient EMR, these practices can operate at new heights.

Why Now?

The deadline for ICD-10 Compliance (October 1, 2015) is approaching and medical practices should realize the long-term benefits of compliance. Systems that effectively comply with ICD-10’s standards avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance and enjoy long-term benefits, such as improvements in boosting PQRS reporting, disease management and research data.

The quality of a medical practice’s EMR matters, especially in light of the changing health care market. McKesson Practice Choice delivers the functionality that small, independent practices need to stay organized and to realize the benefits of ICD-10 Compliance.


Coast Electronics specializes in the implementation, maintenance and support of McKesson Practice Choice. Call or schedule an appointment here to ensure that your EMR is ICD-10 compliant and provides the efficiency your practice needs to thrive in an evolving healthcare market.

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**Casalino LP, Wu FM, Ryan AM, et al. Independent practice associations and physician-hospital organizations can improve care management for smaller practices. Health Aff (Millwood). 2013;32:1376–82.