The Benefits of ICD-10 Compliance

The compliance deadline for ICD-10 has been set for October 1, 2015. For practices moving through this transition, Coast Electronics is here to help you understand the benefits. We can also get you successfully transitioned and in full compliance with ICD-10.

Healthcare providers preparing for the October 1st, 2015 ICD-10 code transition should be aware of the benefits of compliance. Numerous short-term requirements of compliance may preoccupy providers’ attention now, but the system changeover will produce several improvements to PQRS reporting, disease management and the quality of research data. Focusing on these long-term improvements allows providers to effectively transition to ICD-10 and access the benefits of compliance.

Long-Term Benefits

Boosting PQRS reporting stems from ICD-10’s capacity for reflecting greater clinical detail. When physicians can accurately report their care, efficient reimbursement is imminent. Stronger disease management results from the World Health Organization’s requirement that every member state notify the organization during public health emergencies. In addition, ICD-10’s advanced coding allows for improved measurement of health outcomes. Disease management and research data will benefit tremendously from the improved detail and cleaner logic of ICD-10’s codes. **(Why ICD-10 Is Worth the Trouble)

Aside from these benefits, the ICD-10 provides a consistent and current code set that accommodates for advances in medicine and medical terminology. The current operating system, ICD-9-CM began operating 30 years ago and cannot function sufficiently with the needs of modern healthcare. American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) notes, “Inaccurate or limited data and insufficient detail affect our knowledge of diagnoses, procedures, severity, quality and technology.” As ICD-9-CM is outdated and inadequate in the modern health care market, providers need a more efficient system to allow for quality care delivery.

Why Prepare?

Changing systems to ICD-10 may seem like an impending disruption, but complying with ICD-10’s standards yields effective long-term results. The risks of non-compliance include increased error rates, risk of improper payments, incorrect or slow claims payments, disruptions in research and public health reporting and other penalties. In contrast, ICD-10 Compliance allows health care providers to avoid these pitfalls and enjoy long-term benefits.

Practice Management Software

At Coast Electronics, we aim to provide practices with superior software for practice management, electronic health record maintenance and electronic prescribing. Whether your practice has or has not purchased software from us, we specialize in the installation, maintenance and support of your software.

In reference to ICD-10, we transform the processes of PQRS compliance and reporting to ensure easy use and superior quality for electronic health record (EHR) system incentives. Our goal is that your compliance experience is flawless and allows for your practice to access the benefits of compliance.

Lytec MD®, a proven certified EHR and practice management system provides quality record maintenance. We know that patient experience and activation is integral to your practice’s financial performance and quality of patient care. Bright Note Technology, Provider Dashboard, and Reporting make Lytec MD a useful tool for the use and implementation of an EHR.

McKesson Practice Choice® is an optimal Internet-based tool for organizing your system in preparation for ICD-10 Compliance. This web-based system is ideal for assisting independent practitioners in management of the clinical, accounting and scheduling aspects of a practice. With Accounting and Scheduling, Connectivity and Security, and Clinical support, McKesson Practice Choice® systems optimize your practice’s compliance experience and the practice management that follows.


ICD-10 is an extremely important transition for the health care community. This is the first system overhaul in 30 years and the benefits to companies are plentiful. Coast Electronics can assist not only in the process of compliance, but the maintenance thereafter.

For more information on ICD-10 Compliance, contact Coast Electronics today.

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